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About Us

We aspire to offer our students a vibrant atmosphere utilising traditional and contemporary methods to give a balanced learning expereince

Who are we

Qurtubah Institute is set up and run by a group of trustees, who are all qualified teachers of Arabic and Islamic Studies. We all have numerous academic and professional experiences of teaching Islamic knowledge, Arabic language and the Quranic Arabic in various places, including secondary schools and different evening and weekend madrasahs.

Our Mission

Qurtubah Institute aspires to provide the young boys and girls in our community with the necessary knowledge of the Quran, Hadith, and essential skills in life to create a vibrant and contemporary Islamic community. By the end of the course, the young learners should be able to read the noble Quran correctly with tajweed and tarteel, as well as deduce the basic masail of our deen by reading selected Ahadith and contemporary books of Fiqh and Aqeedah. In addition, there are Hifz classes for both boys and girls to memorise the noble Quran.

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